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I did not stay on the cleanse but went to the strict diet….
What supplements do I take? Do I stay on the moly, milk thistle, B vitamin and start the anti fungal?

Don’t start an antifungal just yet. Stay on the Molybdenum and milk thistle. What’s the B vitamin you’re taking?

You can start the supplements now, one at a time. Since you’re taking Molybdenum already, I would start with vitamin C next at 1000 mg, then move up to 2000, then 3000 a day or more.

Also…. I have a uti what do you recommend I add? Normally I would take a probiotic… But I’m nervous to be mixing too many things.

You would normally take a probiotic? … or antibiotic?

Will my body still cleanse itself of the candida?

Not so much if you’re on the website’s diet instead of the stricter one, but yes, to a smaller degree you will.