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OMG thank you both for answering. I am really good about nutrition this has overwhelmed me with confusion. Just to recap:

1. Take the mega-flora
2. Take molybdenum AND candidate (I have both) together?
3. Stop kefir and coconut oil for now.

When is the best time to take all of the above?

It doesn’t matter when you take the molybdenum or Candidate, and you can take them at the same time if you need to. Take the molybdenum whether you’re experiencing die-off or not, but take the Candidate only when you’re starting to feel bad; such as a headache or the flu-like symptoms.

No wonder I have been feeling badly – have been having kefir each day and lots of coconut oil.

ONE LAST QUESTION: Saw my doctor for a vitamin drip today. Was hoping it would jump start my immune system but made me feel bad (C, magnesium, selenium, potassium and Bs). She thinks I should take Nystatin.

The Nystatin will create more die-off toxins because it’s an antifungal. You could take it once you’re past your vacation if you want to.

HAS ANYONE HAD SUCCESS WITH NYSTATIN? I took one pill when I first began and felt terrible. I am highly sensitive.

Nystatin is like any other antifungal in that it will kill Candida but not enough to end your symptoms.