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raster;31870 wrote: My naturopath says that they have antigenic properties which protects candida and prevents it from being destroyed. I agree with this statement after trying my recent experiment.-raster

hope4eva77;31902 wrote: no chicken eggs ,i thought organic eggs were ok ?

Eggs can be eaten without problems if a person has no allergic reactions to them. Those who don’t eat eggs usually replace them with more meat which causes more inflammation in the body, makes leaky gut symptoms worse, and benefits the Candida with additional ammonia. Most of us should know by now that a Candida infestation is all about making decisions you’d rather not make in order to make the best of seemingly hopeless situations.

As far as eggs protecting the Candida is concerned, I ate from 3 to 6 eggs a day during my entire treatment in order to avoid meat and was still able to reach the state of zero symptoms now for over 18 months.