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Steamed or sauteed veggies (in coconut oil, if allowed); molybdenum
(Is coconut oil, salt, and pepper allowed on the veggies during the cleanse?)

Don’t use coconut oil at all during the cleanse. If you do the cleanse for at least seven full days, you can start the organic virgin coconut oil when you start the diet. You can use extra virgin olive oil with your vegetables during the cleanse and take a few teaspoons during the day as well.

Sea salt should be eaten daily, and pepper is fine as well. Himalayan sea salt is preferable to other types, but if you can’t find this, a good grade of sea salt will work. Be sure to check the ingredients; it should read ‘sea salt’ period.

In case you’re wondering why I scheduled everything down to the water, I’ve done a one-day fast before, and I found that I wasn’t very hungry as long as I have something–even water–every hour.

Water should definitely be taken in every hour, this is standard procedure with a cleanse since it can help to keep the die-off toxins washed from your kidneys.

-Stay on cleanse for a week or two, depending on symptoms (I presume when you stop feeling symptoms, you’re ready to move on?)

Not necessarily. The symptoms can continue for quite a while; it all depends on the degree of the infestation and die-off.

then you’ll progress into the “Diet” phase by slowly adding other foods such as eggs and yogurt, and probiotics and antifungals.

You have the strict diet and protocol; make a copy of the diet and protocol both and use the diet as a shopping list when you shop for food. Consult the protocol so that you’ll know when you can have certain foods. For example, when you first complete the cleanse there’s no point in purchasing the Greek yogurt at that time because you shouldn’t eat it for several more weeks. It’s very important to stick to the schedule as far as when to add which foods.