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Okay, I’m going to order the molybdenum tonight or tomorrow morning, and I’ll start the cleanse three days after I get it. I’ll be using the Alternative Diet.

I’m a little confused about the difference between the cleanse, and the diet. Does this sound right to you?

-Take molybdenum for three days
-Begin cleanse

8:00 One glass of water
9:00 Lemon water
10:00 Steamed or sauteed veggies (in coconut oil, if allowed); molybdenum
11:00 Detox Drink, glass of water
12:00 Lemon water
1:00 Steamed or sauteed veggies; molybdenum
2:00 Glass of water (or lemon water)
3:00 Lemon water
4:00 Glass of water (or lemon water)
5:00 Steamed or sauteed veggies; molybdenum
6:00 Detox drink, glass of water
7:00 Liver flush drink

(Is coconut oil, salt, and pepper allowed on the veggies during the cleanse?)
In case you’re wondering why I scheduled everything down to the water, I’ve done a one-day fast before, and I found that I wasn’t very hungry as long as I have something–even water–every hour.

-Stay on cleanse for a week or two, depending on symptoms (I presume when you stop feeling symptoms, you’re ready to move on?), then you’ll progress into the “Diet” phase by slowly adding other foods such as eggs and yogurt, and probiotics and antifungals.

Am I correct in all this? Thank you SO much for your help!