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Able900, I would REALLY like to start this strict diet. I’ve been using different versions of the Candida diet for almost a year with no significant success. I hope it doesn’t require expensive supplements, as I can barely afford to buy the right foods. I realize I need to buy the molybdenum (spelling?) first and use that for 3 days before I start the diet. Food has started to become my enemy. I am afraid of eating anything “bad” and am sick of thinking about what foods I CAN eat. I’m a cashier at a grocery store and see food all day, talk about difficult. The junk people buy is killing them slowly. It’s disgusting. And I can’t say anything to them about it. They have all seen me lose a lot of weight and think I’m just dieting. Yeah…right.
So Able, can you send me the diet? I promise to give it my all. Thanks!