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The medical society in my neck of the woods said this problem does not exist, or was in my head, or give it time and it will get better…but not ONE of them told me about a diet to get the sugar out of my system. When I first found the web site I started the diet right away. However I was not healing…that was because I was not using your diet. Using the diet on the website would have never given me the type of healing I got when I went on your diet.
This syndrome was discovered by a MD, Dr. Orian Truss. We need to thank many MDs who dedicated their life to bring this syndrome to the light. If it wasn’t for them, we were all close to death. They were who wrote the books about this syndrome and elaborated the treatments. The diet was created by Dr. Truss in order to support the antifungal therapy. He has all the merits.
After Dr. Truss, came Dr. William Crook, Dr. John P. Trowbridge, Dr. Sydney Baker, Dr. Galland, Dr. Sherry Rogers, Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Edward Winger, Dr. William C.Douglas, etc. There are hundreds of MDs that worked and still work with candida related complex patients.

I wanted to post it because I don’t have words to thanks Dr. Truss for what he did to bring this syndrome to the light, and many people think MDs are ignorant about this syndrome. In fact, thanks them, the alternative medicine knows about it.
Here is the genius who discovered what is affecting us. Thanks him, we are getting our health back.