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I am sorry that people have been so critical of the diet. It worked for you so that is something to be proud of. 😀 I had originally seen the strict diet but I did not print a copy out. It would be great for those of us that do want to follow the strict diet to have the ability to see it or print it out. Though I totally understand your frustration. I cut many things out of my diet(spaghetti squash, brown rice, red skin potatoes, blueberries) that other places suggested were okay to eat because I wanted to heal the fastest way possible. If some people do not want to follow it that is their personal choice but don’t let those people effect the new person that really wants to do all they can to fix the problem. We should all have the freedom to get great information. Who cares what people think. You know what you are trying to explain truth as you have seen it and experienced it. I know you are trying to help other people. Thanks for all your hard work on here! We appreciate all the time you spend. You are making a difference in many people health. I am truly sorry that you do not feel appreciated like you should. For everyone sake please post the strict diet. I do understand it is your choice.
Lots of love to you,
Deep thanks,