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Albicant;53320 wrote: I’m a 50yr male and suspected Candida victim. I read several books and websites so am familiar with most of the protocols. However I have not read anything regarding these issues anywhere:

1. Does Candida reside mostly in the small intestine or large intestine?
2. If it does reside in the large intestine, how does it survive? (since all sugars are already absorbed in small intestine).
3. If it does reside (and thrive) in the large intestine, how do the antifungals such as garlic, oregano, caprylic, coconut, rutabega reach that destination? Aren’t they digested and absorbed by then? So are these antifungals only effective in the small intestine?

Thanks for any insight.

1. Large intestine (colon)
2. All sugars ARE NOT digested in the small intestine. Partly yes, bacteria and yeast finish the job in the colon.
3. Yes, anti-fungals will reach the colon. But like you said, possibly less potent then they were in your mouth.