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raster wrote: Hello Sam,

It sounds like your leaky gut is worse than mine, but I was able to heal my leaky gut to the point where I am barely allergic to anything. I don’t cheat much to test it out now, but I did eat some korean BBQ and a hamburger and fries in the last 2 months. It didn’t set me back very much and it didn’t ruin my day. My leaky gut was bad enough to be allergic to anything not on the allowed foods list such as vinegar, food with sugar, all grains, potatoes, dairy, etc.

I’ve taken a lot of supplements to heal my gut and can mention those when you are ready; l-glutamine is one of them that is great for healing your gut for sugar sensitivities. Once you can handle sugar more, you can start eating more foods, so I think its a good one to start out with.

Healing leaky gut takes a lot of time; you have to get the candida to low levels, reduce the inflammation, and get the probiotics to stay in the gut at high levels. Attacking the problem by taking supplements during this time will help cure the leaky gut.

What I did with leaky gut throughout my treatment is to just eat foods on the allowed foods list and tough out any of the allergies I get from the foods. Over time it reduced day by day, week by week to the point where I didn’t feel anything (I did this with salad dressing for instance to gauge my progress). However, if you have it worse than I do, I bet the symptoms are pretty unbearable…so maybe this is a bad idea.

If you can handle rice occasionally, this is a good protein source. Teff is also a good one that has very good nutritional properties. I eat a lot of eggs (about 62 eggs in 2 weeks in all my breads and breakfast) and haven’t had any problems. 22 of those eggs go to the coconut/teff/buckwheat bread and 8 more go to the pumpkin pie muffin bread during a 2 week span. I eat 2 scrambled eggs per day on top of that.


Hi raster

Thanks for this mate, it helps a lot. What are these other supplements you are referring to?

Cheers, Sam