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raster;53667 wrote: -You likely shouldn’t start chelation until you have a plan together on how to do it properly without side effects. It typically will make you worse off.

I agree with most of your post raster, except this part. I think the truth is the exact opposite. Typically chelation leads to a reduction in symptoms (permanently). It’s true that with improper chelation you can get much worse off, but if you are chelating properly using the frequent low-dose method at a dosage you can tolerate (this is key) there is little risk. In my view, the benefits greatly outweigh the potential risks and if you suspect mercury this is an avenue I encourage you to explore.

I just started chelation about 2 weeks ago using 5mg DMPS every 6 hours and am very encouraged by my experience. While on round I feel much more alert and “out of the fog” so to speak. I can retain information much easier and with less struggle and my overall emotional state is more positive. It was the first time in years really where I thought, “Oh, this is what it feels like to be a normal, healthy human being again; I missed this!”

At the very least you should get your amalgams removed–safely that is, by a holistic dentist who is well aware of the dangers of mercury toxicity. I never had amalgams, but instead became mercury poisoned by fish, so I’m not completely informed on how to go about this, but this should be a good resource for you:

You seem to have a good handle on your diet, so I would keep doing what you’re doing and keep learning how to improve with your diet/supplementation. Isolating negative reactions to problematic foods is key which I’m sure you’re well aware of by now. As far as molybdenum goes, I’m fairly certain it’s safe with amalgam fillings in, but not 100%. You’ll have to do your own research here.

I will also preemptively inform you that when the poster “Floggi” comes in here in an attempt to debunk the fact that you can become mercury toxic from your amalgam fillings he is not being sincere in his statements. He is trying to mislead you and is almost certainly working with Big Pharma to derail online discussions.