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kitty wrote: I’m considering going for colonic/s as part of my detox and/or diet. I’m going to start Able’s alternative detox tomorrow (Tuesday)for seven days before moving on to the diet.

At which point should I start colonics? How often should I go and how many days in-between?

I don’t want to make colonics a regular part of my life, but am willing to go to a few sessions initially if it will help.


Hey everyone, I go in for a colonic every 3-4 weeks while on the program and I can honestly say it helps alot. They have cured my constipation issues. The main thing is candida feeds off the waste in your colon so removing all of that fermenting waste seems very beneficial to me. I dont think you can get the same cleansing properties from just doing the diet/cleanse by itself. Just make sure you are taking probiotics and I dont think you will have any problems.

It is my experience that I usually feel worse for a day or two afterwards(probably due to stiring up a bunch of waste in my body) but then I feel better with more energy a couple days later. My protocol is always to get in the sauna the day after a colonic also as I think it helps to rid your body of all the toxins a colonic can stir up.