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kitty wrote: What are symptoms of an enlarged colon? I do have some issues with constipation due to (treated) Hypothyroid. Occasionally, I also have diarrhea.

An enlarged colon is exactly what it sounds like. Your bowels will probably feel full and hard to the touch, and you’ll probably suffer with constipation and other digestive symptoms, as well as problems caused by all the toxicity of the accumulated crud.

kitty wrote: My main concern is losing beneficial bacteria.

I can’t seem to find a decent explanation about the bacteria issue. You’d expect a colonic to remove large amounts of everything in there. Dwindling numbers can be reinforced by following the protocol. The question is if it can completely eliminate entire strains of beneficial bacteria in a similar way to antibiotics. It’s extremely difficult to get strains to inhabit your gut once they’re gone. Probiotics offer a means of support, but they’re only ever transient (except in rare cases).

kitty wrote: 3-4 sessions sounds good. Can you tell me what you mean by a short period? By cleanse, do you mean detox? I’m starting my detox/cleanse tomorrow for seven days of just vegetables.

I believe it’s something like two weeks, but I’m sure it’s flexible. Yeah, the detox/cleanse. Some people having the initial series of colonics do a juice cleanse or something similar to help clear the colon as much as possible, so it’d make sense to do it during the cleanse rather than the diet phase.

kitty wrote: Should I do the colonics during this time or during the diet after adding probiotics or should I add anti-fungals then do the colonics and then add probiotics.

It’s strongly recommended you take probitotics around the period of a colonic. I don’t know what to tell you about making it work with the protocol. I’m only at the point of considering them myself. I can’t seem to get rid of the symptoms I mentioned at the top of this post, and removing potentially 20-30lbs of decades-old crud sounds very appealing. Other members have experience with colonics, so hopefully some of them are still around.

If the therapist you spoke to is like that, you might want to look elsewhere. You need to find someone you’re comfortable with who can answer all your questions. It’s quite an “intimate” procedure, so you need to be able to feel at ease.