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I binged on turkey, chicken, and tuna for about 4 days from tues-fri.
Maybe that’s part of the problem.

This is a big problem. Every time you eat an animal protein, when it breaks down in your body it’s releasing ammonia. Ammonia keeps the environment in the intestines in a beneficial state for the Candida and allowing them to continue to survive. Your goal is to change the environment so that it is unfriendly to the Candida; you can’t do that if you’re constantly adding ammonia to the environment.
Don’t worry about green vegetables; if these are your only sugar source, you don’t need to be concerned.

I looked over some of your past posts, and noticed that often you’ve eaten foods that would cause symptoms to return such as pickles, tortilla chips, rice cakes, salsa, and breaded chicken. My guess right now is that you’re eating too much animal protein which can stall the treatment, but what else are you eating on a daily or semi-daily basis, and have you eaten anything at all that is not on the strict diet?

If you’re making bread (which you should be to help fill you) using anything other than coconut flour, I would leave those out and stick to only coconut flour for a while.

No wonder your improvement has stalled, you won’t improve any further until you start back on homemade kefir and probiotics.

Are you still taking Molybdenum and if so, how much and at what count? Is “Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate” printed on the label?