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I’m taking just coconut oil for antifungals right now, and no kefir/yogurt or probiotics. Last time I baked coconut bread I had a bad reaction to it, and a couple of months ago I could tolerate buckwheat, but I tried it a few weeks ago and it didn’t go well. The last side dish I tried to introduce was brown rice flour in the form of brown rice chips which just had sunflower oil and garlic and onion powder along with the brown rice flour and that gave me a reaction too. After that I made two mistakes in a row (being the overcooked hardboiled egg and the undercooked eggplant). It’s been less than a week since the eggplant messed me up. I was taking vitamin a and d together as suggested and vitamin c, but now I’m just on c. I’m trying to get more money to restock my d and milk thistle. Other than that, I’m on all the recommended supplements in the protocol. I got some quinoa at the store but I’m afraid to eat it and get a reaction. What course of action do you suggest considering all this?