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Jo*Jo;43564 wrote: My nutritionist said I was eating too much buckwheat in various forms, and she was probably right. I relied on it …

Since then, often between breakfast and lunch i find i feel very empty, a bit nauseous and a slight headache. Its not hunger but I feel that eating something would make it better.

What is it that i’m feeling? Blood sugar dipping or something like that?

Hi, Jo*jo – My two penneth worth is that you’re experiencing heightened die-off. I am reasonably convinced that, in my case, buckwheat offered my candida a reprieve. I started eating quite a bit of it once I finished my cleanse. From that point on, my die-off abated quite a bit. I stopped eating it about 9 weeks ago, and my die-off symptoms – which I would liken to a feeling of being “very empty” – have worsened since. Also, my tongue, whilst white, is less caked after breakfast now. I used to use it as a filler, but I don’t go hungry now.

I attempted to try it again a few weeks ago. One mouthful gave me a runny nose. I took this as evidence that the candida were having a light snack.

I miss it terribly!

Sorry as well that you’re feeling generally bad.