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PrettyInPink23 wrote: As stated:If you receive a Candida-type symptom or other strong reactions to any test food now or later, you should stop having it immediately. If you believe the reaction is die-off related, you can lessen the amount and try again in three days. If you believe it’s an allergic or Candida related symptom, you can try again in two weeks.

This just so confuses me.

Die-off symptoms any or all of the following:

•skin breakouts (rash)
•fuzzy thinking
•inability to focus
•general moodiness, angry outbursts
•joint & muscle pain
•flu-like body aches
•sore throat
•need for more sleep
•gas & bloating

As far as allergy symptoms, think about how you felt with the allergic symptoms before you stopped eating the gluten.

The symptoms and side effects of a Candida albicans infestation can include any combination of the following.

inability to think clearly or concentrate
acid reflux
thrush (white coating on tongue)
reoccurring yeast infections
headaches – migraines
cravings for sweets
mood swings – irritability
poor memory
persistent cough
foggy thought pattern
cystitis (inflammation of the bladder)
reoccurring UTI’s (urinary tract infections)
PMS & menstrual irregularities
chronic body pain and/or joint pains
flu-like symptoms
swollen, sore, and red lower lip
hay fever symptoms
general nausea
depression, anxiety, panic attacks
fungal infections of the nails & skin
athlete’s foot
fungal rash
weight gain or weight loss
ear infections
chronic fatigue & tiredness
allergies – sensitivity to perfume, tobacco smoke and petrol
bloating, gas & flatulence
itching anus
low sex drive

If you think these lists of symptoms seem to overlap, you’re right; which is why it’s sometimes difficult to know what you’re experiencing, but normally, over time, you’ll learn to recognize what’s causing a symptoms.