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benc;31264 wrote: Already sent a PM, but for anyone else interested I got the best results using milk grains with coconut water & just treating it as it was milk kefir.

I do the same with raw goats milk & comes out very nice. I actually prefer the consistency to cows milk kefir. It works really well with a teaspoon of maca powder & cinnamon, plus a little stevia.

For the coconut water kefir I would always add a bit of stevia at the end to give it the sweet taste back, its not quite as good as in its original form but you get used to it.

On a separate note I was horrified at the taste of chicory coffee/drink when I first tasted it, especially as I love coffee, but its something you get used too over time & in fact it works fantastically when when making coconut cup cakes, and the like.

Benc, I’m not sure this would be a problem, but isn’t cinnamon an antifungal? I’m just wondering if you put the cinnamon directly onto the kefir, I wondering if you are killing off some of the kefir? I usually try to keep my antifungals and probiotics separate. Maybe one of the mod’s or forum experts could address if this would be an ssue?

Also, Does your Coconut Water Contain Sugars in it? I was planning on stopping at the store to try to locate some. It seems most of the Coconut waters are loaded with sugars. Can you even buy it without sugar?