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Hi, I have recently been researching alternatives to NSAIDs for menstrual cramping. Lately I have been taking homeopathic magnesium phosphate tablets (30c)from the health food store. This seems to relax things somewhat, it works ok if I am resting with a heating pad.

However, if I have to work this isn’t enough pain relief. I ordered boswellia and turmeric herbs to take throughout the month to reduce the inflammatory response. I use raw ginger in my tea, but it isn’t high powered enough for me! Also, larger amounts of evening primrose and borage oils for inflammation, along with the usual recommended vitamins/minerals: calcium-magnesium, A,E ,D.

For the acute cramping I am going to try white willow capsules next month. Supposedly the whole herb is easier on the stomach than aspirin. Also, scullcap ( like valerian) is supposed to be a good muscle relaxant, but it is also a mild sleep aid, not so great for working!

I have tried raspberry leaf tea, cramp bark tincture, vitex, etc. These seem to help with other PMS symptoms but do very little for my cramping. Everyone is different, some people seem to have good results with wildly different things.

I do feel that my candida issues were greatly aggravated by NSAIDs, causing leaky gut syndrome and gluten intolerance. They were a magic pill for my monthly issues, but created a lot of damage:( It is a good idea to try to find other things. Good luck:)