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Able900 wrote: As long as you cook with olive oil on low or medium heat, which you should do no matter which oil you’re using, there are no problems. It’s only when you burn the oil, or at least cook high enough for the oil to be smoking from the excessive heat that there may be a problem. Otherwise, it’s perfectly safe and healthy for you.

The same goes for lots of other oils, but if you think you really need ‘smoking oil’ in order to cook your food, try coconut oil as it’s a higher temperature oil.


This is exactly what we try to do as well.

In our experience, coconut oil does withstand higher heat quite nicely, but my eggs seemed to stick with hot coconut oil :(. We have been told that by cooking any oil, much of the vitamins and the best nutrients in the oil break down. So if you want to get the best nutritional value out of the oil, take the high end oil orally without heating it. For cooking you can perhaps use a less expensive brand of Extra Virgin Olive, or Extra Virgin Coconut oil. (I’m no cook, but my wife tells me things.)