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Smitty99;50252 wrote: In my opinion, threelac is a waste of money. There as so many better options that are cheaper. I’ve read a ton of negative reviews on it and the positive ones I’ve read seem very very suspicious (as in it’s people on behalf of their company writing them).

Save your money and buy a good quality probiotic with 10-14 strains and preferably with DDS-1

I would try the Saccharomyces boulardii before I tried threelac. It’s cheaper and some people swear by it while others don’t recommend it at all. Same kind of thing you’ll find with threelac but at least Saccharomyces boulardii is a lot cheaper and you won’t lose as much in the way of money.

Shitty thing about candida is there are so many snake oil sales people out there praying on our illness. Have to be careful. I won’t try anything unless it’s recommended on this forum. So good on you for asking!

I’d put it on the list of “snake oil” products offering “miracle cures” for candida, personally. There’s a lot of desperate people out there looking for that “one pill solution” (which unfortunately doesn’t exist to date) and selling books about how to become “yeast free” in so many days blah blah blah blah….all trying to make a buck off of candida sufferers like us: who typically are in rather bad shape by the time “they figure out” they have CRC/Candidasis/et al..

There are some beneficial yeasts, for instance Kefir has some yeast it it to feed the good bacteria and help the good guys grow. Saccharomayces Boulardii was a little too “harsh” on my system but, that was initially when I knew little – only I was “getting worse” by doc’s treatment. Yet, it is a TRUFF WAR when you come down to it but, leave room for the good guys to re-populate!!! Also, IMHO depending on one’s particular situation (is it still at the yeast overgrowth stage or has it also gone fungal) with any “product” introduction starting small and working your way up would probably be prudent. However, I have read people using SB to good effect which differed from my personal experience so, take it this in kind… opinion.

Blessings……this CAN be defeated but, the human body will NEVER be completely yeast free: it’s not meant to be…….d’oH!!!