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I so appreciate all of these. I only know how to respond to the last responder so will do everyone at once. I love hearing these cheats. Ok now I know we’re all human!

DN I am trying oat bran for breakfast I’ll see how I do. I am down to 99 lbs. Like you I was fit/slim to begin with. I just had to buy new pants and they’re a size 0. I must gain weight so very, very happy to hear you gained all your weight back. I eat lots of oil, avocado and coconut bread. I eat lots of different veggies and have some wild salmon, a tiny bit organic chicken (maybe once a week). I had 2 eggs yesterday but I usually don’t tolerate eggs well (even before the candida).

Stovariste, thanks for the research on green tea. I didn’t understand why it’s not good either. Perhaps the trace amount of caffeine? You have turkish coffee each day? What week did you introduce that? I am first day of week 7. I am pretty sure my body should not have coffee again as I’m almost positive I’m also healing adrenal insufficiency/fatigue. I sure miss it. Happy for you.

Shayfo if you can get through this diet while having pms you deserve that carbonation. Pms has a mind of it’s own and I’m surprised you aren’t reaching for pasta.

How does green tea bother you?

Thanks and feel good everyone.