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1533jd;34395 wrote: I am finding the cravings part of giving up sugar pretty difficult and was wondering if eating xylitol chocolate (with caffeine) is less destructive and will set you back less than sugar would if I was to say, eat it. I thought it would be good for the psychological part for starters at least and then slowly cube by cube wean off it.

Hi, JD.
Sugar is at least ten times worse than caffeine. Sugar will continue to feed the Candida preventing you from making so much as a dent in the infestation. On the other hand, continuing to have too much caffeine is going to prevent the adrenals from working properly. The adrenals are a big part of the immune system; and it will be more difficult to get the infestation under control without the immune system being at top performance.

If you plan to wean off of the substance in a reasonable length of time, I would say this is better than doing the same with sugar, but I don’t recommend either one since you’re only prolonging the entire treatment.