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hope4eva77;45902 wrote: So this is really gross and i cant find any info on lline bout it but for the past3 days i have had alot of diarrhea so bad i almost shit my pants at thre beach awful ! Im concerned cuz it has hard yellow specs in it with chunks that look like tomato , chunks ,i know nasty.sorry but its straight water other than that runny yuk and has happened 6 times in past 2 days

I’ve also had extreme diarrhea the past several days too but I’m linking it too nystatin intake that I’m using right now.

Has your diet changed, have you noticed a gradual improvement at all? Have you increased any of the antifungals?

Other thing I wonder is as you get better and your immune system starts to fight back, could that possibly cause diarrhea? Because if you look up herx reaction, they basically say when your body starts fighting against whatever infection you have, it will start violently trying to eliminate whatever it is that is not suppose to be there. I wondered this for myself that maybe my body was finally saying no to the candida and telling it to get lost lol.

After one of my episodes a few days ago I finally see the one mucus stringy stuff. Whether that was a candida colony or just my stomach lining, I’m not sure.