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Candida Diet Tips wrote: Hello,
I am wondering what the most effective antifungal protocol is to heal Candida. Have you managed to beat Candida? If so, what antifungal would you recommend?

I tried quite a few myself. I found olive leaf extract to be very effective but too strong for me – I was overwhelmed with die off symptoms.

Then I tried caprylic acid which worked very well for me for over a year until I started taking higher dosages (4-5 capsules a day). Then I developed stomach pain and stopped it.

Now I am taking grapefruit seed extract which agrees with me well so far.
Just wondering what your approach is. Any recommendations very much appreciated.

Garlic, Caprylic Acid (as well as Coconut Oil) work well for me. GSE made my asthma much worse. I will try Olive Leaf extract next.

I eat swede (rutabaga), twice per week & put cloves in herbal teas every day as well.