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londoner1 wrote: Thank you Jorge – this provides the clarity I was seeking as I could not ascertain from your earlier posts the exact combination of actions beyond Nystatin enemas that you were taking. I can now clearly see that it is a combination of diet and Nystatin enemas alone that have brought you relief.

You mention that you mixed a combination of daily enemas and then periods of less frequent enemas. I imagine this was to in some way mitigate the potential to develop a lazy bowel. If you can share your thoughts on the frequency of the daily vs. intermittent enemas that is the last question I have of you


Well, I have never had constipation problems. In my case, I could do enemas everyday during a month, and next day, to have a bowel movement. I did use some Magnesium tablets some times. It all depends the severity of your infection. At first, you may need to do the enemas every day or every other day. I mean this is something nobody really knows how will benefit you more. I felt comfortable doing them every day for some time. The thing is you begin to feel better and to believe in what the enemas are doing, so you want more and more to improve even more. There is a feeling of gaining terrain with the enemas no seen easily with any other therapy. This is the beauty of it. What can be great is some other forum members do it and report back. In this way, I won’t be the only one giving this kind of testimony. It takes time, sometimes 3 or 4 months to see great results.