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Able900 wrote: Arijana, as soon as you read this, I’d like for you to put ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in a half glass or more of water, stir it and drink it. Do that again the following morning. If you were already low in sodium, this could very well be at least a big part of your problem. I know you’re basically used to eating without it, but guess what, your body can’t continue to go without sufficient sodium; so you’ve got to start salting your foods more. I also want you to cut back on your water intake for at least a few days.

I’ll get to the rest of your post as soon as I can, right now I’m still at work.


Hi Able,

I did do as you said right away. Can I say yuck hahahaha. I will cut back on water to perhaps only two quarts instead of 3-4 I am having now and also I was thinking to reduce lemon water for a while, perhaps take it only in evening. I read that it can flush lots of good stuff that body needs along with toxins. Plus it does not go well with my stomach acid problem so it’s a twofold.

Not sure if it’s a placebo effect but as soon as I drank the salty water, felt kind of like cooling effect in my leg muscles within like 5-10 minutes. I seemed to perk up also. I am so tired of that week sickly feeling that I will drink salty water if I have to even if I am just imagining it making me feel better ha-ha. If salt was the last missing puzzle in my life, I will be really upset with myself for being so blonde there!

What can I say Able? I cannot thank you enough for your help! You are a saint!

I must also thank you for the idea of the bread with olive oil. As I read it I remembered a little Italian restaurant in California which served a little dish of olive oil with basil, cracked pepper and other spices and they give you warm bread which you dip in the sauce while waiting for food. My ex husband and I used to get full from that combination before our food arrives then we box the order and take home hahahaha. Tonight I chopped up some garlic and mixed it with olive oil, salt, basil and parsley, spooned it over the bread slices and popped in the grill oven. Oh how good that was! Had four slices, could not resist. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my dinner and am thankful for the great idea. It doesn’t take a lot to make our day on this diet, doesn’t it 🙂

I am sorry I took so much of your time, hopefully I will be good to go with the new plan and not bother you again or at least for a while 🙂

Not sure if you are religious or not and hope not to offend you, but I think you earned some huge points with the guy up above helping so many people here.

Thanks again!