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Thank you Able! I really hope so too!

Could you also respond to question about probiotic that Chloe posted? Can I get that one? It is not shipped refrigerated but the web site claims it doesn’t need to be. Can you please give your opinion?

I am also having a major weakness again this afternoon. I was fine almost all day. After work I walked to my car (it’s a 20 minute fast paced walk) and was still OK, but while driving I felt the weakness starting. Now, at home I can barely move my legs to walk. I did have salt-water this morning and then I had about 1/4 teaspoon on my salad. I had a tbsp of coconut flour with my oatmeal about two hours ago, wonder if this time it’s die-off. I am having some gas and fatigue again. I will drink another salt-water and see if it helps or not. I will also have a cup of nettle tea, didn’t have it for few days to rest my body from it, that should help if it’s die-off, I hope!

In terms of food so far today I had:

breakfast (7:30am): large cup of kefir, three eggs “sunny side up” with one slice of oat bran/buckwheat bread with olive oil, garlic, basil, sea salt, parsley
lunch (11:30am): 2-3 cups of raw veggies (lettuce, white cabbage, spring onions, bell pepper, cucumber), dressing out of 1/4 tsp of sea salt, one whole lemon and about two tbsp of olive oil + two hard boiled eggs
afternoon meal (3pm): oatmeal of two tbsp of oat bran and one tbsp of coconut flour on water only, two slices of oat bran/buckwheat bread and one hard boiled egg.

I must make a confession: today I had my very first cheat since starting the diet. Around 10am today my colleague brought some great smelling strawberries so I had one tiny strawberry. My weakness started at 4:30pm. Is it possible that this little strawberry caused this? Wouldn’t I have a reaction right away?

I am so frustrated right now and angry with myself! I did really great for 4 months, had no cheats! He stuck it under my nose and they smelled so great, and he said “one little strawberry will not do anything major.” and I was sold.