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I don’t really measure as I use a shaker more than spoon. I am trying to have more as I keep having low sodium on every blood check. I reduced salt years back because my ex husband had high blood pressure and then I got used to it so now I don’t take it well anymore. I put half a teaspoon in my three-cup bread and it’s just too salty. I do try to put more on my food in hopes to retain some of the water I am drinking. It seems as though it just goes through me. If I had to make a guess, I think I don’t really use more than half a teaspoon per day. Should I use more? Or less?

Arijana, as soon as you read this, I’d like for you to put ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in a half glass or more of water, stir it and drink it. Do that again the following morning. If you were already low in sodium, this could very well be at least a big part of your problem. I know you’re basically used to eating without it, but guess what, your body can’t continue to go without sufficient sodium; so you’ve got to start salting your foods more. I also want you to cut back on your water intake for at least a few days.

I’ll get to the rest of your post as soon as I can, right now I’m still at work.