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Tamtam8;44505 wrote: You only get one body, you live in it the rest of your life, and it only gets harder. I’m very grateful that I’ve caught this early. Now I’m educated about health and preventing this. I look around and see everyone with health problems, weight problems, and people consuming terrible food. When are we going to get fed up with the way things are? – the kinds of foods being marketed and available, the way people eat, the medicines that cover up the symptoms, the excuses. When I see the human condition, that is what inspires me – on top of not wanting to feel ill.

My biggest poison has been anxiety and the lifestyle change is stressful financially, emotionally, and physically. But it’s been the best discovery. I love and appreciate food in a different light. My taste buds have changed. Never thought I’d enjoy plain yogurt without berries and sugar or salad without ranch dressing. I am concerned about weight loss. Lost 5 pounds and I was 95 to begin with. Naturally very skinny.

Been lucky to have a minor case and truly sympathetic for those really suffering and struggling. I can’t imagine but do it for yourself and for your loved ones. My diet has been an inspiration to my friends and family who need to practice better eating habits.

My favorite things:

– Kale salad with buckwheat groats, walnuts, salmon or boiled egg, olive oil and coconut aminos
– goats milk plain yogurt
– seaweed nori sheets shredded into savory dishes esp soups and quinoa
– Sometimes I mix greek yogurt into creamy cinnamon oat bran ( hate greek yogurt so makes it tolerable)
– Bubbies Sauerkraut

Nicely put!