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ByTheGraceOfGod;49499 wrote: I am new to the forum but have suffered from Candida for 5 years now. For the longest time thought it was type 2 diabetes. After several 12hour fasting test and testing at home with a kit I bought. My results were alway in range. I suffered daily with painfull head pressure and brain fog. Irritable and tired all the time. Couldn’t think clear and focus was horrible.

Anyways the fix for me is raw organic garlic. I consume 2 cloves daily before bed with food and water. I use a garlic press, i put the pressed garlic on spoon and swallow with water. The I eat something afterward to push it down. After only one week i felt much better. I am exercising now because i have more energy and watching what i eat more and believe me, i cant follow candida diet. I need carbs of some kind or i drag all day. I get my carbs by fruit and bbq and habanero almonds. I eat spinach and carrots daily. Also milled chia seed, omelets and home fries and grilled chicken. I hope this helps some of you.

Is it gone?

did garlic take it completely away?