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impossible;52244 wrote: Sounds like you picked up a parasite. Contrary to popular belief, that white stuff is almost always just mucus, which is released from the intestines during times of inflammation.

regarding stool test, I will do the The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) here in Toronto very.

^ will that show up anything? if not, what stool testing is the best?

also what is causing my constant constipation, would a parasite do that? I heard parasites usually cause diarrhea, but I haven’t had any diarrhea in the last 2 months or so

to me it looks like I have a hormonal or gut flora imbalance, because a lot of times my stool are very loose and sometimes totally undigested. I have also done my thyroid testing, I am waiting for the results

also one thing I forgot to mention in the first post is, that I am also feeling low erection in my penis, it almost feels like something in my abdomen might be blocking my erectile veins partially, could this be candida overgrowth in sigmoid colon, blocking/attaching them selfs on the veins? I am not sure what is going on