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This is an important topic that people have to be clear.

To reverse CRC is a very difficult task. Most of us have an acquired or genetic tolerance to candida albicans and other species. After studying it fanatically for 4 years, I have understood many things related to this syndrome.
This syndrome have different manifestations. For instance, there are people who have yeast growth in the intestines enough to produce remote symptoms without affecting the digestion. Those people have yeast overgrowth where candida albicans hasn’t found the way to mutate to a more virulent form but still produces metabolites that effect remote organs and body functions. Yeast in its buddy form (unicell) don’t penetrate tissues. They live “floating” on the mucus layer that protects the colon walls.
These people can have this for years ( as I believe was my case ) without noticing the causes and experimenting symptoms that nobody can image come from an excessive amount of yeast in the intestines. For instance, chronic dandruff, migraines, hyperactivity, mud changes, frequent headaches, vaginitis, chronic sinusitis, lack of memory, etc.

This amount of yeast cells living in the intestines for enough time can cause an immune paralysis against the yeast. It is the continued presence of an antigen what cause the immune system stops attacking it. When this happens, an state of immune tolerance is ACQUIRED. This is the case of people who contract this syndrome.

At this point, there isn’t an effective immune response to candida in the intestines but there is still antagonistic mechanisms that impede the morphogenesis of candida to mycelia. This mechanism is the Lactic Acid and Acetic Acid produced by LAB bacteria in the gut.

What can happen ??? Well, for any reason, the person has to take antibiotics. Then, the LAB bacteria are reduced to a point where the last protective mechanism that controls the yeast mutation is disrupted, and candida switches to mycelia and penetrates the gut lining.
Then, there are more candida metabolites since the yeast colonies have growth and intestinal inflammation appears as a result of the fungal penetration. When this happens, the intestinal symptoms begin as a result of the barrier disruption and leaky gut.

This is the form I see this process. The immune tolerance is first, then a trigger such as antibiotics disrupt the mechanism that avoid the yeast mutation, and the rest is story.!

So, to speak about a cure is complicated. I believe I am not cured in spite I don’t experiment any mayor symptom now. I have experienced sensitivity to the yeast growth since I was a child.

I have relapsed two times during these 4 years after thinking it was over. Every time I have relapsed, the next battle has been harder to control it. This last time was terrible. I thought I didn’t have more resources to battle it. We have to think that the relapse comes with a candida army stronger than before since the survivor candida cell multiplied ( the stronger that didn’t died when we treated it before )

You have to be clear that what I am doing provoking the yeast with a “normal” diet is a little be crazy since I don’t know what is going to happen for sure.

I have concluded that this syndrome needs to be treated focused in immune restoration eliminating anything that compromises T.Cells (Th1) and doing an effort to populate the colon with LAB bacteria.