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nikki;30029 wrote: Able, I remember that at one point you were claiming to be completely cured!!
you said you cured urself in 6 months with this diet.
r u cured, or r u still on the diet?? can u make it clear.
I also remember that at one point you said you were being on the diet just because you wanted to be on it and not because you need to be on it.

Nikki, for some reason you seem to be either very upset or very confused about my post.

By the way, I have never stated that I cured myself in 6 months with the diet alone as your post would lead everyone to believe. In fact, I’ve stated over and over again on the forum that there is no diet in the world that can cure a Candida infestation. That’s one thing that Jorge and I have always agreed on.

So for your benefit, Nikki, I’ll state once again; it takes an entire protocol of actions to cure a Candida overgrowth and not simply a diet.

Also, I would like to state that by no means am I claiming that Jorge is not cured. In fact, I believe that anyone with a Candida overgrowth can become 100% symptom free. If you’ll slow down and read my post again, you’ll see that what I have stated is that just because a person cures himself of a Candida infestation does not make him or her immune to another infestation. Can you understand that statement? All this is saying is that, after you are cured, if you perform the exact same actions which caused your Candida overgrowth in the first place, then the chances are great that you will contract another infestation. Do you believe otherwise?

Also, Nikki, let me make this clear to you since you seem so confused about my cure and my situation; I stated almost a year and a half ago that I was completely Candida-free, and as I am writing this post, I do not have a Candida overgrowth which to me at least means that I have cured myself of the Candida infestation and all the symptoms including die-off.

Also, let me state emphatically that I am not on the Candida diet that I recommend nor am I on any other Candida diet at this time. I eat what I want to eat. I understand that eating what one wishes to eat does not mean the same diet for everyone, and I hope you can understand that.

I am now in my mid-thirties, and I know that I have reached the point in my life where I need to get serious about taking care of my body if I wish to continue living a perfectly healthy life for many years to come. You see, I don’t wish to simply continue to live, I wish to continue to live “healthy” for as long as possible. There’s a difference you know.

For me, living that life means a few things; it means that I need to exercise every single day. It also means that if I wish to avoid heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, and stomach problems in the near or even far future that I must be careful about the foods I put into my body on a regular basis. I must also be aware of the fact that it’s possible without one’s knowledge to store large amounts of cholesterol in one’s veins. For me, all of this means that I will not overeat any form of food that I do not considered healthy for my body.
I will, however, continue to allow myself to eat ‘anything’ occasionally; by this I’m speaking of what I normally consider to be unhealthy foods. It also means that I can drink alcohol on the weekends, but I will avoid drinking during the week. I’ll have desserts when there is a special occasion which, between my family, my friends, and my work usually averages several times a month, but it does not mean that I will eat desserts or sugary snacks every single day.

In your post you stated that I claimed to have stayed on the diet because I wanted to and not because I needed to be. Actually, I don’t remember stating exactly that, but maybe I did. Right now, I honestly don’t know if I needed to be on the diet or not. It’s true that I was on the diet for what most people would think was quite a long time after I was symptom-free, but this was basically because I had no timeline to go by. I could find no one who had written anything about curing a Candida infestation and then safely going back to their old diet for an indefinite period of time without repercussions. All I could find were stories about people who had gone off a Candida diet only to eventually have their symptoms return, usually worse than before. Read the posts yourself, Nikki, the forum is full of posts by both new and older members who have claimed exactly that, but how many posts have you read about those who went totally off the diet and protocol and several years later reported that they had been eating exactly as they were before their infestation with no negative results to report? If you find a post claiming that, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know because I’d love to speak with that person since I’ve never been able to find anyone who claims to have done that.

If you’re that interested in what I’m now eating, I’ll name some of the foods I’m now having on a fairly regular basis that I would never have dared to eat during my treatment.

They are; sweet potatoes about four times a week and occasionally a regular baked potato; breaded foods such as jalapeno poppers with cream cheese, fried chicken and fried okra, otherwise, I believe that sugar, wheat and starch should be avoided as often as possible by everyone, including those who have never experienced a Candida overgrowth. Carbohydrates are one of the three ingredients which are needed by the body to make the ‘extra’ cholesterol which causes the arteries to become clogged with fat particles.

Peanut butter, almond butter, almonds, walnuts.

Pimento cheese and humus.

Apples, pears, oranges, and blueberries three to four times a week.


Every day I have some form of dried beans; such as limas, white beans, black eyed peas, butter beans, field peas, white beans, and lintels among others.

Around six months ago I stated that I was still not eating pork or very much beef as I believe that the ammonia is beneficial for the Candida, however at this time I am eating both pork and beef occasionally as well as chicken and fish.

The one food that I will continue to completely avoid is corn, not because of the Candida, but because I believe it’s the unhealthiest food available.

Those of you who are still new to the Candida forum, when you read the list of foods that I now enjoy, please keep in mind that I have been completely free of all Candida symptoms and free of all die-off symptoms for about 18 months, and reaching this point in my diet was an extremely long and drawn out process.

If someone were to ask me what I believe most attributed to my cure, I would have to say that it was the enormous amounts of probiotics I took along with vitamins and the homemade kefir that I drank every day, plus avoiding over-feeding the Candida by remaining on the very strict Candida diet for a prolonged period of time.