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raster wrote: In your private message you mentioned that you are allergic to molds found in the veggies. Are you eating organic or non-organic veggies?

If you boil your veggies, this should kill off most of the molds.

But your reaction likely goes beyond molds, meaning you are allergic to them in general. This could be because of a few reasons…let me explain.

1)You likely have leaky gut syndrome which causes the food particles to pass through your intestinal walls into your blood system. Your body doesn’t like this and thus reacts to these foreign particles in your blood.

2)You might have a histamine sensitivity problem. What kinds of symptoms do you experience and how long have you had these symptoms? If you have a histamine problem, certain veggies are worse than others for this food reaction. You can remedy this over a period of weeks by eating carefully, eating fresher veggies, and/or taking supplements.


Thanks Raster. I have been eating very carefully for a year and a half. No sugar, no fruits, no vinegar or pickled anything, no dairy, no flour, very few grains–if any–and no alcohol of course. BUT! I never stopped coffee until two weeks ago, so I am thinking that was the thing that stopped me from healing. ( I also was eating yams, which I have now stopped since I have been on the cleanse)

I was also taking L-Glutamine for “Leaky Gut” but stopped that when I went on the cleanse. Perhaps I should start that again?

The foods I get reactions too–for example, the other day I got a reaction to red cabbage, but didn’t get that reaction the day before when I ate it. So, I am thinking that it was just mold.

I try to eat organic as much as possible, but it isn’t always available. But, I also never eat leftovers and always eat veggies from the market within a day or two of buying them. So, I am always eating as fresh as I can.

I did notice that I would get a reaction after brushing my teeth–clogged ears and belching, so I just purchased through Amazon, a Candida friendly toothpaste, which is very hard to find, even in health food stores!

I thought it might be possible that my Candida problem isn’t going away because of heavy metal poisoning? I had a test about 7 years ago, and I was fine–I am VERY careful about the fish I eat. But do you think I should do the hair analysis again?

Many thanks for your help!