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Hmmm… interesting question, WS. Well, I’ve always had a weight problem and have felt sickly throughout most of my life, so it’s almost masochistic in a sense when you think about it. Why not just choose life? Seems so simple, right? Feeling healthy beats eating poison, right? If only it were that simple….

Even though my problem is not identical to yours (for some reason I do not have vaginal yeast infections, which I find odd… unless I just don’t know I have one… but I’m never itchy or burning or have any discharge or whatnot “down there”… lol… but who knows?– doing this detox/diet may end up making one happen!), I can relate in the sense that keeping myself in this unhealthy state has allowed me to keep people at a distance. I guess it relates back to what you said– a lack of self love and acceptance combined with a large dose of low self esteem. When you’re fat and tired and miserable, it’s easy to stay locked up in your house and not face the world/reality because now you have an excuse.

I guess with anyone who is suffering from an addiction (yes, I think those of us with Candida fall under an “addicts” label when it comes to food/sugar/carbs on psychological and physical levels) has a problem with self love. We choose our addiction/attachment over allowing ourselves to feel good and be healthy/thrive. Just like when you see someone who has a heroine addiction… it’s so hard physically and mentally to overcome it. Not saying Candida is as severe as a heroine addiction, but the main idea is quite similar… our bodies physically cry out for the sugar/processed foods/carbs, and when we don’t have it we literally get sick. It’s a vicious cycle. And when we try to detox, just as with a heroine addict, we have a horrible and painful recovery period (again, not saying a Candida detox is as bad as coming off of heroine, but it’s basically the same premise). The only major difference is, people who have a drug problem know it’s the drugs that are causing the problem. With Candida, most people don’t know and are given a hard time by others because people the symptoms can be masked by other disorders (i.e. depression, adrenal fatigue, etc).

So… yeah… it’s all about learning to love ourselves and making the hard decisions. Giving up our methods of “escape” and temporary pleasure and facing the emotional baggage head-on. I see so clearly now how it is definitely a choice. It is a grown-up choice, too. As children we want what we want. If we want a cookie we have the cookie and don’t care about the consequences. But as adults we need to be mature and make a choice between loving ourselves and treating our bodies and minds with compassion, or giving into every single pleasure we desire. It’s taken me my entire life to come to this conclusion, and it definitely relates back to your question of what is the “emotional root” to our Candida. I’ve finally made a choice to love myself and to choose life and health over temporary pleasure and never-ending pain. And I’m not saying it’s easy, either. But no one said doing what’s right is easy. You just have to believe that you are worth it. I truly believe once you tell yourself and your body that you’re worth healing and getting better, your body will literally physically work with you to rid yourself of the dis-ease. But first, you must heal that emotional baggage inside of you for it to happen.