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smurfie;60584 wrote:

If you are a woman, my ND suggest that you meat 3x per day and if you are a male he suggest 1x per day.


So women should eat meat 3 times a day? It surprise me the we’re that different (man and women)

I have been on low carb for a very long time, and I have felt that it has helped a great deal. But in the end it made me feel really tired and weak.

I am trying to eat more carbs right now, and it’s kind of driving me crazy… I tried coconut flower for the first time, and made a pancake with 1 table spoon of it. It was really sweet for me, I felt that later. 100g has 9g carbs where the 9g carbs are sugar carbs. Is that OK on a candida diet? I have heard good things about coconut flower. Also I am wondering if it gets even sweeter when sugar carbs are cooked, or is it the same? cause I know starch for instance can get much sweeter cooked.

How long have you been on low carb? How much carb are you currently eating?