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nth714;60452 wrote:

What happens is the candida feeds on the mold you inhale and consume and multiplies.

How can candida feed on inhaled mold? Why would it feed on mold, and not on the much more abundant supply of nutrients you consume through your food?


It doesn’t feed on the mold, but if you think of it in a figuratively way, it seems to.

The mold you ingest causes your imuune system to attack it. This weakens it, and that means it doesn’t fight the candida in your body, leaving that free to multiply and get worse.

I hate the notion “mold feeds candida”, but as long as it’s telling people to avoid mold at all costs, then so be it for the better.

So mold weakens your immune system leaving candida to grow out of control?

It’s a big factor. Which is why you got so bad in the first place. You inhaled it, which can overwhelm very quickly.

You have to figure in other causes too, but one can be bigger than another, and all play a role in reducing your immunity causing the overgrowth to begin with.

Were you dealing with a lot of stress, eg job, social life, surgery… taking medication eg antibiotics… or poor diet.

I had many problems in the last few years, mostly surgery and antibiotics and it crippled my gut flora and my immune system. The weakness caused the candida to grow out of control.