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Thomas wrote: Do you think I got a placebo effect now.

Reply: Maybe you did, Thomas, and if it’s a placebo effect, who cares as long as it worked, right?

Quote: Anyhow, what are Grape seed extract? What do they do with candida?

Reply: Grape seed extract is exactly what it sounds like; a derivative of whole grape seeds. They contain a concentration of vitamin E, linoleic acid, flavonoid, and condensed tannins (powerful antioxidants), all of which are excellent for the human body. In research studies, grape seed extract has shown to inhibit the growth of Candida albicans cells, but this isn’t the reason I suggested it to you, but more importantly at this time it should help with the histamine problem as it is a natural antihistamine. My quote in the post about it was, “If you believe that too much histamine is your problem, a few good natural antihistamines that work for a lot of people are vitamin C and grape seed extract. Hopefully these would not cause the antihistamine reactions such as sleeping.”

Quote: I am using Grapefruit seed extract. Was this not the right antifungal?

Reply: Yes, GSE is an excellent antifungal, much better than grape seed extract for this purpose, but grape seed is a better antihistamine.

Quote: I finished the bottle now and have to find another one.

Reply: Thomas, I would give the GSE a break for at least a week. If you can get garlic gel caps containing allicin, this would be a great stand in for the GSE while you take a break from it. You can take up to 4 pills a day of the garlic, after meals or a good snack.