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Hello, PD. Welcome to the forum.

pencils_down wrote: I’m new to the Candida diet and I am only two days into the cleans, however I worry about losing too much weight. I am not over weight at all and I would actually consider it unhealthy if I lost even five pounds.

It may come to the point of making a choice: which is unhealthier, a Candida infestation or losing five pounds?

Few people if any manage to avoid losing weight on the cleanse and diet. If you really don’t need to lose any weight at all, I suggest that you go straight to the diet and avoid the remainder of the cleanse. This is what Raster and I both did and speaking for myself, I still managed to cure the Candida overgrowth.

I have a HUGE appetite and I have been hungry constantly since I began the diet, even if I eat excessive amounts of the approved foods I’m hungry again 20 minutes later.

The “hunger” is explained in the link below. Understanding why the hunger is so intense just may help you deal with it, it has for many others.
What’s with the Hunger?

I have pretty much accepted the fact that I am going to be consistently hungry until stage two

No, not until stage two … unless you cheat regularly on the diet.

but if anyone has any advice in regards to NOT losing more then 1-3 pounds please reply.

This is going against the protocol but after five more days, I would try adding one slice of coconut flour bread to your daily diet to help with the constant hunger as well as avoiding excess weight loss. Coconut Bread Recipe