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thomasmite wrote: Mostly people have a habit of eating more or they are hunger after some time.

This person is hungry because of a Candida infestation and they’re trying to follow the cleanse. That equals hunger, especially in the beginning.

I think first you have to take complete check up from doctor and know why you hunger after some time.

Tha’s very simple, the hunger this person has is due to the Candida treatment.

Use fat and protein foods items.

If you’re speaking of animal protein, this will cause excess ammonia to be released which in turn will benefit the Candida overgrowth, not the person or the treatment.

Take properly rest.

That part is actually correct.

DO regular exercise in the morning fr 30 mints to control body weight.

Again (sigh) this person is not “Trying” to lose weight, read the post again.

If you eat more and burn less calories then the result is overweight.

This is not a weight loss forum, and that’s not the problem. Are you sure you’re on the right forum?