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shayfo;44310 wrote: I started the diet December 17th, 2012. It’s not a typo — as noted, I’m referring to 25 pounds being a small percentage of my starting weight of 228 pounds. It’s far more significant for a 175- or 150-pound person to lose 20-30 pounds than it is for someone who is well over 200 pounds to do the same. That said, I’ve made peace with my body doing what it needs to do currently, which is to heal. I can’t be a “healthy” weight if I’m not actually healthy.

That’s great. I think that often the tendancy is to compare our results to others. For instance, “So and so can eat ANYTHING they want now and is totally cured, why can’t I?!”

When living this lifestyle we have to have blinder’s on; staying focused on ourselves and our own, unique, healing.