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Chris24 wrote: Raster, I am curious as to why you think smoking pure weed is causing any health problems? I haven’t been able to find sustantial evidence for health risks regarding weed.

Unless you’re growing your own or getting it from a reliable source, there’s a pretty big chance it’s contaminated with chemicals used by the growers. It’s an inevitable risk with something completely unregulated by the government.

I don’t know all the details about the smoke, but I’m pretty sure it creates all kinds of toxins that can damage many parts of your body including your GI tract. I know it contains three times the tar and 50% more carcinogens than tobacco smoke, so obviously not a choice for people who don’t like cancer. It’s smoked unfiltered too, so in practice it’s probably many times more harmful than commercial cigarettes. Regular use (classified as one joint per day) is also linked to a number of other illnesses. Anything that introduces toxins into your system and creates free radicals is best avoided as much as possible.