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Thomas, I don’t think asking for a bit of politeness or asking someone to refrain from posting on threads if they have nothing nice or constructive to say equates as needing someone to ‘love me love me love me’ nor is it being childish or a ‘Victorian sissy’ (sorry, I really love that description 🙂 ).

Asking for help (as that woman did) when you are desperately trying to stick to a diet doesn’t mean she is looking for any ‘love love love’ either. The poor woman said she was ridden with candida, and as I saw in another post of yours, you referred to the candida as a ‘hungry sugar eating monster’ (which is an AWESOME description by the way). Her ‘monster’ is huge (I think she said it was in her brain even?!) so her sugar craving is huge, like the monster. That was wh she was asking for help, and now she has been frightened away by everyone.

A forum member (me) asking another forum member (Able) to be a bit more polite when replying to people is NOT creating drama. If I wanted to do that I’d be doing something silly like following him around the forum making fun of everything he says, which I am not doing.

I respect Able, and his knowledge, I’ve said that many times now.

I’m sorry for your upbringing Thomas, sounds awful. And I understand where you are coming from regarding the human ego. I have a degree in psychology myself and am studying towards a degree in social work, so I too understand the human ego. Perhaps it is the difference between males and females, I don’t know. I do know though, that you cannot possibly judge a person’s ego through a few posts on the internet. I still believe that the response to that lady was grossly unfair, just as I think the accusation of calling Able ‘simple’to the original poster on this thread is unfair.
There are more sensitive ways to deliver messages to people who we cannot see, and whose histories we don not know. Noone is asking for ‘pampering to the grave’ that I can see. I certainly am not. And i don’t think that lady was either, at all. she onl posted 7 or 8 times in total on the entire forum! That is all I am saying, there is
no drama to that.

I agree with you regarding this forum’s clear and open dialogue. But there IS a gentler way to deliver it, especially to newer, confused newbies starting out.