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The cleanse is suprisingly not that taxing. I’m a single mother, 2 young kids, studying part time extramurally and have the school/kindy/extra curricular activities. I also have to make all my kids meals, and of course they didn’t stop eating what they normally do! I felt tired, was sick on the first day (well night really) but i managed to do day to day activities no problem.

Not comparing my life to yours or anything, just giving an example 🙂

And I certainly didn’t read you as calling anyone simple!! WTF?!
Everyone is different, so do what is right for you! And don’t be afraid of this forum. I’ve offended people here (unintentionally) but there is still alot of valuable info to trawl through, no matter what path you decide on 🙂 (a break away to do a cleanse DOES sound appealing haha!)