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I agree with a lot of your comments and I only try to be helpful. We are not doctors like you have stated and I try to tell people to consult doctors and naturopaths as much as possible. Everyone has their own version of candida in my opinion and thus everyone has their own cure or way to feel better.

I also suspect I have mercury toxicity and as dvjorge has mentioned a few times this needs to be addressed seperately. A few other forum members also have this as well but do not talk about it very often.

And the simple fact is we are talking about gut flora health and know one knows what is in someone else’s gut so I just share general information about how to feel better. If you feel worse, then you should seek professional help and I suggest this as much as possible.

We are basically talking about “DIY health treatments” on the internet and treating yourself has its own risks as you can imagine. I think most people understand this before attempting to get better or change their health.