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dude… really?? After I got done saying something similar and you and your forum friends harassed me and told me i was wrong. And not only that but my thread got deleted so no one could read it… Ok so first you wanted to argue with me, now you are going to say the same thing i posted but different I dont get it dude… I think this forum is full of hypochondriacs who just love the sound of their own voice saying the same damn thing every time as if your trying to inspire others on this forum. You have had candida for how long? and your still not cured?? and you still back this diet up after 10 years of doing it and no progress?? I think some of people over-exaggerate a little bit on this candida and compare to it to something like cancer. Yeah candida sucks and its annoying, but you have better odds of surviving candida than you do cancer. The first thing you should do when you get rid of your candida is get off this forum and get a life and talk to some real friends instead of sitting here on your computer typing “oh the enemy, gotta stop the spread of the enemy” on this stupid ass forum.