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Able900;33049 wrote: I’m sorry, but the idea of eating bread and sugar to make the test “more” positive is a ridiculous idea. It’s probably going to take you a year or longer to cure your infestation as it is, and the longer you feed the Candida, the longer the treatment is going to take. In my opinion you don’t even need a test since they’re rarely accurate. You should simply go on our protocol, after a few days if you experience die-off symptoms, then you have a Candida overgrowth. It’s really that simple.

Read our protocol and our testimonials, and if you want the link to the strict diet, let me know.

The Protocol


Thanks for your response.
It is common before a gluten allergy test to prepare by eating the equivalent of four slices of bread per day for three months to rule out a false negative test result.
As gluten allergy presents many of the same symptoms listed for Candida I thought maybe te preparation woul be similar.
I also saw advice on this website saying that you should always consult a doctor before starting the treatments suggested on here if you suspect a bad case.
I was wondering if prescribed medicines might be more effective and cure me quicker that the year you suggest.
Any thoughts on this?

Thanks you!