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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

I’m afraid I have no way of knowing for certain what is causing your sickness since there are so many possibilities considering your explanation in the post. I know that psyllium can cause nausea, vomiting, and/or stomach pain.

Both nausea and vomiting “can” be symptoms of die-off although rarely. These as well as other die-off symptoms are your body’s reaction to the toxins/poisons being released by dying Candida. Both you and your wife should be taking Molybdenum for the die-off toxins which are dangerous to your body and especially the liver. If you decide to get these, purchase a pill form instead of liquid, 250 mcg each and take up to three a day for the symptoms and to cleanse the liver. Having a sauna or soaking in a tub of hot water (long enough to produce perspiration) can also help to wash out the toxins. Most importantly, drink LOTS of water which will also wash the toxins from your body. Don’t take the die-off symptoms lightly as they are dangerous to your body’s health just as much as the Candida is.

Instead of drinking milk, simply drink the peppermint tea when you feel nauseous since the milk will feed the Candida. Chamomile and ginger teas also contain nausea-fighting, properties.

It may help if you add steamed vegetables to your detoxing program because of your metabolism. Steamed fresh vegetables would be acceptable during the detox period.

Juicing is a perfect idea; doing this throughout your treatment will be beneficial to the treatment.

Quote: Several pints of club soda with lime (hey, you go to a bar to watch football, you have to buy something even if you’re on a cleanse, right?)

Reply: Water with lime juice would have been a better choice since club soda is carbonated; carbonated water is just one more toxin for the liver to deal with during the Candida infestation, not to mention that it was counter-active to the detox process.

You mentioned salt; what type of salt are you using? Check the ingredients.

Let us know if you have other questions, and good luck to both you and your wife.