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jo2212 wrote: I take supplements tailored to my specific health problems by a nutritionist so are not what the forum suggests, I can however suggest some good brands and where to get them.

I currently use nutrigold, nutri, biotics research and udos choice products.

Most of these are available at a good price from this website:
Which also sells Thorne Research, one of the brands raster recommends.

Nutrigold and udos choice also sell direct:

Hope this helps.


Those look great i’ve been comparing them all. A few of them use cyanocobalamin in there b-complexes which is a poor sign, equally the ones that use the naturally occurring b12 are promising.

Can i ask if i should avoid the b-complex because only biotin is needed on the candida diet or because the complex is mixed in a way to provide minimum benefit?

Also anyone heard of GNLD? No body mentioned them but they seem quite high quality.

My b-vits from holland and barrett contains cyanocobalamin which is made utilizing cyanide but in to small amounts to harm humans supposedly. Disgusting.

Thanks again all.